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The Essential Burn Care Course is a comprehensive burn care course aimed at health care professionals working in resource-limitted settings. The course is developed by Dr Tom Potokar from InterBurns, and has run successfully in a number of countries in Asia and Central Africa. The course was brought to South Africa by Mr Wayne Kleintjes of Tygerberg Hospital and is now for the first time offered in KwaZulu Natal. The multidisciplinary faculkty for the KZN courses is headed up by Mr Daan den Hollander, FCS (Trauma Surgery), M(Phil), head of the Burns Unit at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital in Durban

The course is aimed at doctors, nurses and paramedics working with burns at any level of the health care system, and provides a comprehensive and holistic outlook on the management of the burns patient. The KwaZulu Natal course has been rewritten to incorporate the new International Society for Burn Injuries' 2016 guidelines as well as various other international  guideline documents on various aspects of burn care.

Burn care is discussed under the following topics:

Burn care systems: the organization of burn care, referral systems and the use of telemedicine in burn care Resuscitation of the burn patient: first aid, the ABCs of burn care, associated injuries, burns in children, non-accidental burns, management of burn disasters Burn wound care: classification of burn wounds, burn wound dressings (simple to advanced), burn wound surgery (escharotomy, excision and grafting), the difficult burn wound Burn ICU care: inhalation injury, burn sepsis Burn ward care: pain management, nutrition, psychological problems Rehabilitation: positioning, splinting, the role of the members of the multidisciplinary team, outpatient management of burn patients Ethical issues: ethics of telemedicine, end-of-life care in burns Running a burn unit: leadership, error management, infection control, burn-out, prevention opf burn injuries Various: pathophysiology of burns, classification of burn dressings, anesthesia in burns.

The course uses a combination of formal lectures, simulations ('burn codes'), ward rounds,a visit to theatre, groups discussion, skills training and role play to teach a holistic approach to burns. A course e-book will be published and distributed a month before the course. Participants will be expected the know the theory and prepare a situational analysis of burn care in their hospital/region. There will be a  written precourse test, and a postcourse skills evaluation. A certificate will be issued on successful completion.

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Essential Burn Care Course South Africa - 111

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