Pediatric Emergency Asessment Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS )


The Pediatric Emergency Asessment Recognition and Stabilization is based on the latest science evidence. The main focus of PEARS is prevention, and specifically the assessment, recognition and stabilization of pediatric victims at risk of severe cardiopulmonary distress. Through unique learning tools, such as video-based simulation, providers can see and hear critically ill children with whom they do not typically come in contact, equipping them to recognize the symptoms of pediatric victims, and thus begin stabilization prior to arrest.

The course is video based with instructor-led discussion and simulation. Students participate in, practice and complete various skills and learning stations and are required to pass skills tests, as well as a written test. Key topics covered are:

Pediatric assessment Respiratory compromise and arrest recognition and management Circulatory compromise and arrest recognition and management Shock recognition and management Resuscitation team concept

This course does provide AHA PEARS certification.

Course Length: 7-8 hours (1 day) to complete

Intended Audience:
The course is intended for any healthcare provider (R/N, E/N, BAA or AEA) who might encounter pediatric patients in their profession. It is not intended for those staff credentialed for advanced pediatric skills that routinely provide pediatric care.  (eg. pediatrician )

Student Materials:

PEARS provider manual -approximately 120-page and PEARS Pocket Reference Card Provides information on recognizing the signs of impending respiratory failure or shock and appropriate treatment PEARS Pocket Reference Card Vital Signs table  Summary of BLS ABCD assessment Management of Respiratory Emergencies and Shock flowcharts

Certificate Type: Internationally recognized AHA PEARS Certification upon course completion

Written/Skills Exam: Both a written test and several skills tests are required for course completion.

Group Requests

Courses can be conducted for groups upon request, please email

Course Length:


Student Materials:

Pediatric Emergency Asessment Recognition and Stabilization Manual