Anaesthetic & Recovery Room Update course (ARR )



Recovery room and anaesthetic nursing occurs in a highly specialized environment . 

Thus there is a need to ensure our nursing staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the  patient during the peri & post anaesthetic phase in the operating room.

The Anaesthetic Assistant nurse is an integral part of the Theatre team. With a solid grounding in basic pre, peri & post anaesthetic procedures, the anaesthetic assistant will contribute toward a well controlled professional working  environment.

The update consists of didactic lectures, group discussions and hands on practical skills.

This Anaesthetic Assistant & Recovery Room update course will provide the nurse with a safe reliable method for the care and management of the pre, peri & post operative patient plus the basic knowledge to ;

- Assess the patients condition accurately and rapidly. Using the primary and secondary survey       method.

- make accurate observations and interpretation of the patients vital signs and GCS, taking into account the patients diagnosis, medical history and type of  surgery.

- Be able to anticipate any problems which may arise and be prepared to take appropriate action.

- Be fully versed with the latest international (evidence based) CPR protocols as set by the      American Heart Association.

- Ensure that optimum nursing care is provided to the patient in the theatre clinical environment. 

- Assist the anaesthetist  with various techniques such as ;- rapid sequence induction, laryngeal     and endotracheal tube placement, regional anaesthetic such as spinal & epidural blocks.

 Course includes formal AHA BLS, ECG & Pharmacology and Airway & ventilatory courses with manuals.

Group Requests

Courses can be conducted for groups upon request, please email

Course Length:


Student Materials:

AHA Airway Management manual, AHA BLS for HCP manual, AHA ECG & Pharmacology manual. Pocket mask with one way valve for mouth to mask barrier device & gloves in hard case.